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EMF Studies

21 May 2018

France: New Draft Decrees on SAR from Ministry of Health: Comments and Proposals by Association Phonegate Alert

New draft decrees on SAR from French Ministry of Health: Comments and Proposals by Association Phonegate Alert

On May 13. 2018, the association « Phonegate Alert » sent its opinion and comments on the consultation organized by the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity with regard to the draft decrees on information to consumers of radioelectric terminal devices and display of Specific Absorption Rates (SAR). Below is a summary translation of these comments with a link to the full text of the document in French.

New decrees on SAR: The French Ministry of Health in troubled waters
phonegatealert.org, 15 May 2018

On May 13. 2018, our association « Phonegate Alert » sent its opinion and comments on the consultation organized by the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity with regard to the draft decrees on information to consumers of radioelectric terminal devices and display of Specific Absorption Rates (SAR).

In the midst of the Phonegate health and industrial scandal, all these initial drafts by the Ministry seem to be disappointing to say the least and, more seriously, aimed mainly at protecting the manufacturers rather than the users of mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices.

We are calling on the State to take responsibility and on Minister Agnès Buzyn to ensure that our various proposals are integrated into these drafts so that public health issues are really taken into account, especially concerning children.

20 May 2018

Montana: Kalispell School Board Votes Against Cell Tower Proposal

Kalispell School Board Votes Against Cell Tower Proposal
BY MYERS REECEflatheadbeacon.com, 16 May 2018

Trustees vote 7-1 not to proceed with lease agreement with Verizon

Flathead High School. Beacon File Photo
Facing public opposition to a proposed cell tower on top of Flathead High School, the Kalispell public school board voted 7-1 Tuesday night against entering into a lease agreement with Verizon Wireless, halting the project from moving forward.

Led by a grassroots group called the Committee for Responsible Information on the Health of Children and Cell Tower Exposure, community members had expressed concerns over potential health risks associated with cell tower radiation.

Those concerns were echoed at an hour-long public forum held before the school board’s regularly scheduled 6 p.m. Tuesday meeting. Committee members said they gathered 1,040 signatures for a petition opposing the cell tower.

Many U.S. News Stations Are Covering Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Concerns. Are Yours?

Many U.S. News Stations Are Covering Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Concerns. Are Yours?
by B.N. Frank, activistpost.com, 9 May 2018

Even though tech companies continue marketing their products to people of all ages, many local and national news stations have been airing segments about cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation exposure concerns for several years already.

Some Americans may have first become concerned only because celebrities and public figureslike Dr. Oz, Dr. Jill Stein, Kourtney Kardashian, Suzanne Somers, and more have used their platforms to talk about this. Many documentaries have also been produced including Generation Zapped.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz of University of Berkley, CA is one of many American scientists who has also been trying to raise awareness. His SaferEMR.com website includes one page devoted to U.S. news stations airing segments about exposure concerns.

Many other media sources have also been contributing articles and segments about cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation concerns. Some are referring to The Telecom Industry as “Big Wireless” and are comparing them to “Big Tobacco.”

How the Gut Influences Neurologic Disease

Credit: CC0 Public Domain
How the gut influences neurologic disease
Brigham and Women's Hospital, 16 May 2018

A study published this week in Nature sheds new light on the connection between the gut and the brain, untangling the complex interplay that allows the byproducts of microorganisms living in the gut to influence the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) have been using both animal models and human cells from patients to tease out the key players involved in the gut-brain connection as well as in the crosstalk between immune cells and brain cells. Their new publication defines a pathway that may help guide therapies for multiple sclerosis and other neurologic diseases.

Characteristics of Perceived Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in the General Population

See more studies on the site of Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley: 

Characteristics of perceived electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the general population

Gruber MJ, Palmquist E, Nordin S. Characteristics of perceived electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the general population. Scand J Psychol. 2018 May 9. doi: 10.1111/sjop.12449.


Health problems evoked in the presence of electrical equipment is a concern, calling for better understanding for characteristics of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) in the general population. The present study investigated demographics, lifestyle factors, frequency and duration, coping strategies, proportion meeting clinical criteria for intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and comorbidity. Using data from a large-scale population-based questionnaire study, we investigated persons with self-reported (n = 91) EHS in comparison to referents (n = 3,250). Middle age, female sex and poor perceived health was found to be associated with EHS. More than 50% in the EHS group reported having EMF-related symptoms more often than once a week, and the mean number of years experiencing EHS was 10.5. More than half of the EHS group reported that their symptoms started after a high-dose or long-term EMF exposure, that they actively tried to avoid EMF sources and that they mostly could affect the EMF environment. A minority of the EHS group had sought medical attention, been diagnosed by a physician or received treatment. Exhaustion syndrome, anxiety disorder, back/joint/muscle disorder, depression, functional somatic syndrome and migraine were comorbid with EHS. The results provide ground for future study of these characteristic features being risk factors for development of EHS and or consequences of EHS.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Means Peter Lloyd Can't Leave His House... Or Enjoy Any Modern Pleasures Inside

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity means Peter Lloyd can't leave his house... or enjoy any modern pleasures inside
by Martin Shiptonwalesonline.co.uk, 16 October 2014
(This article is no longer available online on its original site.)

Peter Lloyd cannot be near anything electrical.
The 42-year-old says he is desperate to be housed in an isolated wooden hut because virtually every aspect of modern life causes him pain

He can’t use mains electricity for heating or lighting and washes with water heated on a gas cooker.

He has no electric gadgets, cannot watch TV, listen to a CD, access the internet or use a telephone.

Visitors have to leave mobile phones and watches outside because they would cause a severe reaction.

And he is unable to go out because of the likelihood of encountering someone with a mobile phone, a passing car, a power drill or a wifi zone.

18 May 2018

Austria: Vienna Symposium on Safe Use of Digital Technology"- Vienna, 17 May 2018

The symposium took place on 17 May 2018.  See program here.

Wireless Internet and Mobile Communications: The Medical Association warns of careful handling

Symposium on new wireless and mobile technologies clarifies risks - Szekeres: "Protecting young people and children in particular"

With the publication of the "10 Medical Mobile Phone Rules", the Vienna Medical Association has been providing medical care and wireless internet preventive medical care for more than ten years, and the Medical Association is now organizing the "Vienna Symposium on Safe Use of Digital Technology" as a continuation of the Nicosia Declaration of 2017. In the Nicosia Declaration, the Medical Association together with Cypriot institutions had published protective measures against mobile phone radiation and rules for children and adolescents, and called for a ban on WLAN in kindergartens and schools.

France: PROPOSED LAW Relating to the Ban of Use of Mobile Phones in Primary and Secondary Schools

The proposed French law on the ban of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools has just been published. It is without doubt a good decision. However it is quite regrettable that it does not outline the health risks to children. Yet, these risks were raised by ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) in its July 2016 report, with a recommendation to discourage children under age 14 from using all mobile communication devices. This reluctance is not acceptable and we are going to make proposals in this sense to the Deputy Richard Ferrand to amend the future law.
- Message from Dr. Marc Arazi, President, Association Phonegate Alert.

PROPOSED LAW of Mr. Richard Ferrand relating to the ban of use of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools - unofficial translation
assemblée-nationale.fr, 14 May 2018

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

During his campaign, the President of the Republic pledged to ban the use of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools.

The use of mobile phones is developing in a very significant way among young people. The digital barometer created by the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) indicates that 93 % of 12 to 17 year-olds had a mobile phone in 2016 (72% in 2005).

16 May 2018

Cell Tower Cancer Link Confirmed?

Cell tower cancer link confirmed?
by Alan Peterson, M.D.lancasteronline.com/opinion, 16 May 2018

A recent Italian study, as well as one by the U.S. National Toxicology Program, has proven cancer in lab animals’ hearts. And the Italian study found increases in malignant brain cells in some. Cancers occurred at legally permitted levels.

These two studies reinforce others providing clear evidence that radiofrequency radiation causes acoustic neuromas and gliomas, and should be classified as carcinogenic to humans, according to a physician-epidemiologist from Sweden.

Another from the University of Toronto stated that the evidence indicating wireless technology is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored. Concerns, therefore, have increased for those living near or attending a school close to a cell tower.

Glyphosate Shown to Disrupt Microbiome 'At Safe Levels', Study Claims

New study on the health effects of glyphosate conducted by the Ramazzini Institute.

Glyphosate shown to disrupt microbiome 'at safe levels', study claims
by Arthur Neslen, The Guardian, 16 May 2018

A French farmer sprays glyphosate herbicide produced by
US agrochemical giant Monsanto on a field of corn.
Photo: Jean-François Monier/AFP/Getty Images
Study on rats said to show that the chemical, found in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, poses ‘a significant public health concern’
A chemical found in the world’s most widely used weedkiller can have disrupting effects on sexual development, genes and beneficial gut bacteriaat doses considered safe, according to a wide-ranging pilot study in rats.

Glyphosate is the core ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and levels found in the human bloodstream have spiked by more than a 1,000% in the last two decades.

The substance was recently relicensed for a shortened five-year lease by the EU. But scientists involved in the new glyphosate study say their results show that it poses “a significant public health concern”.

One of the report’s authors, Daniele Mandrioli, at the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, said significant and potentially detrimental effects from glyphosate had been detected in the gut bacteria of rat pups born to mothers, who appeared to have been unaffected themselves.

“It shouldn’t be happening and it is quite remarkable that it is,” Mandrioli said. “Disruption of the microbiome has been associated with a number of negative health outcomes, such as obsesity, diabetes and immunological problems.”

Why Is Our Society So Sick?

This is a very good - and long - article on what is making us ill:  radiofrequency radiation, GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, conventional medicine...   Many of us know this, but the article seems to go deeper.  It is a reflection on the way in which we are living in the very sick environment we created, far from the harmony of nature (if such still exists)...

"There was never anything wrong with who we were, or the way that we were meant to live. We became too smart, too greedy and too caught up in our minds to see where we were heading. Now we see, and now we know."

Why Is Our Society So Sick?
By Hilde Larsen, Contributing writer for Wake Up World, 16 May 2018

As someone who suffered from long term chronic illness, I found that looking for health became much easier once I understood why I was sick. When I realized what I had been doing to myself, it became crystal clear to me why I was suffering. While everything is perfect in nature, what we have become by moving away from it is not. It has created suffering. WE have created suffering.

Being sick is not natural, being healthy is. It is what we are designed to be. There is nothing natural about having a body that is imbalanced, tired, sick and in pain.

The Silent Killer in Your Bedroom: Mobile Phones Should be Switched Off Before Sleeping

The silent killer in your bedroom: Mobile phones should be switched off before sleeping because the blue light from the screen is a risk to health, NHS chief warns

In her annual report, which gives recommendations to the
Government on public health, Dame Sally warned a 'daily
cocktail' of diesel fumes, noise, light pollution and household
chemicals is putting Britons at risk.
  • Dame Sally Davies said the ‘impact of smartphone screen use' fuelling cancers 
  • She also warned about the ‘daily cocktail’ of diesel fumes and light pollution 
  • NHS chief also admitted that the NHS was one of the country’s worst polluters

Families should switch off electrical devices before bed to prevent side effects from light pollution, the chief medical officer has warned.

Dame Sally Davies said the ‘impact of smartphone screen use and “blue light”’ contributed to daily pollutants that were fuelling a rise in deaths from cancer and lung and heart conditions.

‘What is so horrifying is that we are aware of the risks of tobacco and diet and give advice on it but no one is aware of pollution,’ she said.

‘I note there is increasing concern about the impact of smartphone screen use and “blue light”, upon human health.’

Mood Disturbances and Depression Linked to Disrupted Sleep Routines

Mood disturbances and depression linked to disrupted sleep routines finds study
by Dr Ananya Mandal, MD, news-medical.net, 16 May 2018

According to a new study, people who routinely had a disrupted night’s sleep had an altered 24 hour cycle were more at risk of getting mood disorders, depression, bipolar disease. They score low on happiness and feel more lonely say researchers. This study, explain researchers, is vital in understanding the balance between rest and activity. The study appeared in the latest issue of the journal Lancet Psychiatry.
Image Credit: Supawadee56 / Shutterstock

The authors of the study from Scotland, Ireland and Sweden have shown that disruptions in the circadian rhythms of people can lead to problems in mental health. Daniel Smith, professor of psychiatry at the University of Glasgow and lead author of the research explained that by 2050 almost two thirds of the population would be living in the cities where there is an evident disruption of the circadian rhythm. He called this a public health issue. “…How do we take account of our natural patterns of rest and activity and how do we design cities or jobs to protect people’s mental health?” he said.

14 May 2018

Changing Mix of Brain Tumors in U.K.: GBM Going Up, Other Malignant Glioma Going Down

RE-POSTED 14 MAY 2018:  We were already told in February 2017 that the incidence of the deadliest type of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, was increasing in the United Kingdom.

Changing Mix of Brain Tumors in U.K.
microwavenews.com, 31 January 2017

GBM Going Up, Other Malignant Glioma Going Down

The incidence of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most virulent and deadly type of brain cancer, is going up in the U.K., while the incidence there of other types of malignant brain tumors are declining, according to some newly published raw data.

Take a look at the two plots below and the trends are immediately apparent.

The incidence rates are not corrected for age, or any other factors. Better screening and diagnostics, the oft-cited explanations for an observed increase in a type of cancer, seems unlikely. Any such changes would probably affect all types of brain tumors. It is possible that the trends reflect the aging of the population, but that too seems doubtful since the likelihood of developing glioma increases with age once past the mid-teenage years.

(GBM is a type of glioma, so the right-hand plot would be better titled 
“Malignant Glioma other than GBM”)

Congress, Privacy Groups Question Amazin's Echo Dot for Kids

Congress, Privacy Groups Question Amazin's Echo Dot for Kids
by Itasha Tiku, wired.com, 5 May 2018

Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker.  Amazon
LAWMAKERS, CHILD DEVELOPMENT experts, and privacy advocates are expressing concerns about two new Amazon products targeting children, questioning whether they prod kids to be too dependent on technology and potentially jeopardize their privacy.

In a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday, two members of the bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus raised concerns about Amazon’s smart speaker Echo Dot Kids and a companion service called FreeTime Unlimited that lets kids access a children’s version of Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled digital assistant.

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Cannot.

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.
by Craig S. Smith, The New York Times, 10 May 2018

Researchers can now send secret audio instructions undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

BERKELEY, Calif. — Many people have grown accustomed to talking to their smart devices, asking them to read a text, play a song or set an alarm. But someone else might be secretly talking to them, too.

Over the last two years, researchers in China and the United States have begun demonstrating that they can send hidden commands that are undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Inside university labs, the researchers have been able to secretly activate the artificial intelligence systems on smartphones and smart speakers, making them dial phone numbers or open websites. In the wrong hands, the technology could be used to unlock doors, wire money or buy stuff online — simply with music playing over the radio.

How Millions of Kids Are Being Shaped by Know-It-All Voice Assistants

How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants
by Michael S. Rosenwald, The Washington Post, 2 March 2017

Kids adore their new robot siblings.

As millions of American families buy robotic voice assistants to turn off lights, order pizzas and fetch movie times, children are eagerly co-opting the gadgets to settle dinner table disputes, answer homework questions and entertain friends at sleepover parties.

(Photo):  Asher Labovich, 13, right, and his 10-year-old sister, Emerson, mess around with the family’s Alexa, an Amazon Echo voice assistant, while their mom, Laura Labovich, watches in Bethesda, Md. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Many parents have been startled and intrigued by the way these disembodied, know-it-all voices — Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana — are impacting their kids’ behavior, making them more curious but also, at times, far less polite.

13 May 2018

United Kingdom: Brit Dad Sues Nokia for Up to £1Million Claiming Using His Mobile Phone Caused His Brain Tumor

"The surgeon who operated on Neil has not ruled out the possibility that the phone caused the tumour."

Mr Whitfield wants phone companies to put warnings on packaging, similar to those on tobacco products in the UK. Nokia says all their products are compliant with health guidelines. A company spokesman told the newspaper: 'All products comply with ­international exposure guidelines and limits that are set by public health ­authorities.' (from DailyMail article)

Brit dad sues Nokia for up to £1million claiming using his mobile phone caused his brain tumour
by Grace Macaskill, mirror.co.uk, 12 May 2018

Neil Whitfield, 60, and his family believe his cancer was
caused by his Nokia phone (Image: Peter Powell/
Sunday Mirror)
Neil Whitfield, 60, says he developed an acoustic neuroma tumour due to heavy phone use for his job in the late 1990s

A salesman who suffered a brain tumour is suing Nokia for ­“significant” compensation which could hit £1million – in a case that could cost mobile phone firms a fortune.

Father-of-six Neil Whitfield, 60, claims heavy mobile phone use in the late 1990s caused a deadly growth.

His job meant using a phone for long spells – and in the days before it was illegal he had the gadget pressed to his ear while driving.

Neil developed an acoustic neuroma tumour on a nerve between his inner ear and brain.

An x-ray of the tumour that appeared in Neil's brain
(Image: Getty Images)
He was left deaf in one ear after surgery in 2001 to remove a growth the size of a golf ball. He also suffers with balance problems.

Neil said: “I have no doubt my tumour was caused by mobile phones.

“I spent almost five years glued to my phone hours at a time until I was diagnosed. I could feel the heat coming off it.

“I know this is going to be a real David and Goliath battle. It might take a while before it’s settled but I won’t give up.

“This is for the future of my children and kids everywhere.”

12 May 2018

Everybody Has the Right to Know about Cell Phone Radiation

Guest column: Everybody has the right to know about cell phone radiation
by Theodora Scarato For Mitzpeh, umdmitzpeh.com, 7 May 2018

Views expressed in opinion columns are the author’s own.

(Photo: pixnio)
The Supreme Court is poised to consider an issue close to our hearts — our cell phones.

When we go in a store to buy a new cell phone, should we be informed that the phone has very specific instructions — usually buried deep in the manual, like on page 50 — to keep the phone at a distance from the body?

And furthermore should we be informed that if we don’t follow these instructions we could be exposing our body to radiation at levels that violate U.S. government limits?

After Berkeley, California, passed their Cell Phone Right To Know Ordinance in 2015 informing people, “If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation,” the wireless communications industry lobby group the CTIA immediately slapped the city with a lawsuit. It lost.

University of Bristol Confirms Sudden Death of First-Year Student: 3rd Student to Die at University in Three Weeks and 10th Since 2016

The Wills Memorial Building, part of the University of
Bristol.  Photo:
Stephen Dorey/Getty Images
"It's too early to say something about causes of these tragic events. 5 G testing at the university of Bristol has still been going on over the last couple of years. https://5g.co.uk/news/bristol%E2%80%99s-hosting-the-first-5g-trial-of-2018-and-it%E2%80%99s-public/4240/

"The University of Bristol for its part has had its own closed 5G network since 2015, and last year the university set a new world record in 5G spectrum efficiency"

"It can therefore not be ruled out that there is a connection between the deaths and 5 G testing."
(Comment from a Facebook friend)

University of Bristol confirms sudden death of first-year student
by Sally Weale Education correspondent, The Guardian, 10 May 2018

Ben Murray is third student to die at the university in three weeks and 10th since 2016

The University of Bristol has confirmed the “sudden and unexpected” death of a first-year English student – the third student to die at the prestigious Russell Group institution in three weeks.

A university spokesperson said the student, Ben Murray, died on Saturday. There were no suspicious circumstances and an inquest will be held by the coroner in due course.

United Kingdom: Bristol's Hosting the First 5G Trial of 2018 and It's Public

Bristol’s hosting the first 5G trial of 2018 and it’s public
By James Rogerson 4 December 2017

2018 is set to be a busy year for 5G development, especially in the UK, as one of the first 5G trials of 2018 is happening in Bristol in March, demonstrating the UK’s ongoing commitment to being a major 5G player.

This is no ordinary 5G trial either, because not only is it likely to be the first of 2018, it’s also the first live 5G public trial in the UK. We don’t expect such trials to be a common occurrence, so if you want to see first-hand what 5G is capable of this could be your chance.

The trial, which is being carried out by the University of Bristol, BT and Nokia, will be open to the public on March 17th and 18th in the We The Curious science centre.

11 May 2018

Cancer Linked to Cellphone Use, Italian Court Rules in Landmark Case - April 2017 Article

Cancer Linked to Cellphone Use, Italian Court Rules in Landmark Case
by Janice Williams, newsweek.com, 21 April 2017

For the first time ever, a judge in Italy has ruled that excessive cellphone use can result in brain cancer. Roberto Romeo, 57, worked for Telecom Italia, a telecommunications company, for 15 years and said constant use of his mobile phone for work-related purposes caused him to develop a tumor in his brain, Agence France-Presse reported.

(Photo):  A delegate uses her cell phone to buy a M-Akiba bond during the launch of the first mobile-phone-based government bond at the Treasury building in Nairobi, Kenya on March 23, 2017. An Italian court rules in favor of a man who sued his job for causing him to develop brain cancer on April 21, 2017.THOMAS MUKOYA/REUTERS

Following the verdict, which was released to the public Thursday, an Italian court in Iverea awarded Romeo a state-funded pension of about $535 a month after a medical examiner determined Romeo’s brain cancer damaged 23 percent of his bodily function. The pension will be paid out to Romeo by national insurance company INAIL, which covers workplace accident claims.

Can Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Can mobile phones cause cancer? This new study says yes, raises fresh fears
par Manali Shah, Hindustan Times, Mumbai, 11 May 2018

Mobile phones can cause cancer, suggests a new study conducted in the UK. It suggests cell phone radiation can cause a fatal type of brain tumour called glioblastoma multiforme. Here’s what the experts say.
Cell phones can cause cancer, suggests a new study
conducted in the UK.  (Getty Images) 

This month, a study published in the Journal of Public Health and Environment, raised new fears about cancer’s connection to cellphones, reported The Telegraph (UK). The research team investigated the rise of an often fatal type of brain tumour called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). A total of 79, 241 malignant brain tumours over 21 years were analysed. They found that GBM cases in England went from around 1,250 a year in 1995 to just under 3,000.

According to The Telegraph, scientists at the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE) said the increasing rate of tumours in the frontal temporal lobe “raises the suspicion that mobile and cordless phone use may be promoting gliomas”. Cell phone radiation exposure has been principally linked to two types of brain tumours − gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

10 May 2018

On Smartphones and Children

John Austin
On smartphones and children
by John Austin, jordantimes.com/opinion, 8 May 2018

It is time to reign in smartphone use among children.

As a teacher and headmaster, I do not suggest this lightly. I understand the educational benefits of technology when well used, and I recognise that many techno-enthusiasts, not to mention my own students and faculty, will dismiss such an argument as grumpy, impractical and anti-progress.

Nonetheless, the history of technological invention tells us that the unintended consequences of new technology often remain obscure to the first generation of users. DDT eradicated crop-destroying insects and mosquitos, saving many from hunger and malaria; it also damaged the ecosystem and endangered human health. The automobile provided speedy travel and unprecedented mobility, but also, according to NASA, became the world’s largest contributor to climate change, as well as a leading cause of accidental death worldwide.

So it is with the hidden costs of smartphone use among children and teens. There is mounting evidence that excessive mobile phone use among children and adolescents is unhealthy; psychologically, social-emotionally and perhaps even physically.

New Mexico: Despite Protests, Santa Fe Council OKs Wireless Telecommunication Measures

Despite protests, council OKs wireless telecommunication measures
by Tripp Stelnicki | tstelnicki@sfnewmexican.com, 9 May 2018, updated 10 May 2018

The dozens of Santa Fe residents who claim they are endangered by the radio frequencies emitted by telecommunication facilities protested five proposed telecom franchise agreements at length Wednesday night before the City Council.

(Photo): A packed City Council chamber watches Wednesday night as Arthur Firstenberg, an outspoken advocate against electromagnetic radiation, ignores Mayor Alan Webber’s repeated requests that he relinquish the podium for exceeding his allotted time for testimony. Tripp Stelnicki/The New Mexican

Amid the interruptions of the frequently disorderly crowd, councilors approved the agreements, which are expected to pave the way to enhanced wireless and cellular connectivity. The decision places the city in accordance with a new state law that will establish access and regulation rules for small cellular facilities on public infrastructure.

The five ordinances establish new access rights to public rights of way for telephone and internet service providers, whether with cables or antennas.

Earth Has Crossed a Scary Threshold for the First Time in More Than 800,000 Years, and It Could Lead to Tens of Thousands of Deaths

Earth has crossed a scary threshold for the first time in more than 800,000 years, and it could lead to tens of thousands of deaths
by Kevin Loria, uk.businessinsider.com, 9 May 2018

Kevin Frayer, Getty Images
  • Monthly average atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have topped 410 ppm for the first time in more than 800,000 years, according to recent research.
  • There's good reason to think this will have disastrous effects on human health.
  • CO2 levels will dramatically increase pollution levels and related diseases, cause extreme weather events including deadly heat waves, and broaden the ranges of disease-carrying creatures like mosquitoes and ticks.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere hasn't been as high as it is now since long before humans existed. Just recently, CO2 levels topped 410 ppm, according to according to observations made at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

There's good reason to think this will have catastrophic effects on human health.

Pesticide Use on California Farms at Near-Record Levels

The pesticide agency report found that half of the pesticides used in 2016 were applied to crops in five Central Valley counties... where much of the nation’s almond, pistachio, grape and citrus crops are grown.

Pesticide Use on California Farms at Near-Record Levels
By Paul Feldman, fairwarning.org, 9 May 2018

Farmers in California, the nation’s top agricultural state, are applying near-record levels of pesticides despite the rising popularity of organic produce and concerns about the health of farmworkers and rural schoolchildren.

The latest figures, released in April by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and covering 2016, show that 209 million pounds of pesticide active ingredients were used in agriculture. That was down 1.4 percent from the year before, but still the third-highest yearly total since the state began reporting the numbers in 1991. The record high of 215 million pounds came in 1998.

United Kingdom: Carrying a Mobile Phone Could be Made Compulsory in a Bid to Cut Crime

Sir Geoffrey Vos is obviously very ignorant about the health risks of carrying switched-on mobile phones in a pocket, against the body... and doesn't realize that quite a lot of people in this world do not own or use mobile phones, not to mention the security issues.

Carrying a mobile phone could be made COMPULSORY in a bid to cut crime, a senior judge predicts

A law which forced people to carry a mobile phone that was
permanently switched on would make it easier to track and
catch criminals, said Sir Geoffrey Vos.

  • Sir Geoffrey Vos said law that made people carry phones would help tackle crime
  • Judge said that today, most of us already share out locations using smartphones
  • New idea echoes author George Orwell's acclaimed novel Nineteen Eighty-Four

Carrying a mobile phone could be made compulsory in order to cut crime, one of the country’s most senior judges predicted yesterday.

Sir Geoffrey Vos said a law which forced people to carry a mobile phone that was permanently switched on would make it easier to track and catch criminals.

09 May 2018

Time for Unrest: Why Patients with ME Are Demanding Justice

"Such stories of extreme physical debility are not, however, the most shocking part of the documentary. What has prompted a global justice movement is the fact that many doctors still refuse to accept that ME exists at all."

Time for Unrest: Why patients with ME are demanding justice
by Nathalie Wrightindependent.co.uk, 7 January 2018

A new film sheds light on a condition that is largely ignored. Nathalie Wright reports on the struggles patients face to be taken seriously by doctors

“I feel seen for the first time!” exalts one viewer. “I feel vindicated. I finally understand what’s wrong with me, I think I’ve had this all my life,” says another. A doctor admits, “I feel so ashamed.”

Could Your Cell Phone Be Dangerous to Your Health?

Could Your Cell Phone Be Dangerous to Your Health?
by MIKE HENDRENnewstalk1290.com, May 3, 2018

I remember when I was a child, my grandmother would warn me not to set too close to the t.v. She was afraid the radiation from the t.v. would harm me. A new study published in the U.K. says brain tumors may be linked to cell phone use.

A story published in The New York Post states that, according to researchers, cases of a type of brain tumor called glioblastoma soared from 983 to 2,531 between 1995 and 2015in England. The time frame coincides with the rapid rise in cell phone use around the world.

According to the American Cancer Society, exposure to the RF or radio frequency waves emitted by cell phones may well pose a risk. They go on to say that several factors can affect the amount of RF energy person is exposed to, including:

Eye Care Activism Gets Digital Device Bill Passed in Maryland

Eye Care Activism Gets Digital Device Bill Passed in Maryland
reviewofoptometry.com, 27 April 2018

The new legislation aims to create guidelines on limiting students' exposure to screens.

Maryland schools are prepared to explore and institute protective measures for children’s vision, and it all started with one parent’s concern. The legislation, which the state’s governor signed Tuesday, mandates the schools work with health professionals to take preventative measures for digital device associated eye diseases.1 The measures will likely include guidelines for Maryland public schools on how long students can be exposed to screens and how laptops, tablet computers and digital readers can impact a child’s ocular health.

Maryland resident Cindy Eckard, chief advocate for the legislation, says she was raised in a “high-tech” family and has been working around computers herself for decades; however, concerning her own children, putting them in front of blue-light emitting screens all day is something she’s worked—maybe harder than anyone in America—to avoid. When she learned in a parent-teacher conference that, as early as fifth grade, children were being handed laptops and asked to put their eyes in front of them for hours, she inquired about the school’s health and safety guidelines, only to discover there were none.

Teenagers: Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

Teenagers: Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation: Cyprus Committee on Children and Environment (3 mn - 9 May 2018 - in Greek with English subtitles)


The Cyprus National Committee on Children and Environmental Health developed these public service announcements for educating teenagers about cell phone and wireless radiation. Learn more about Cyprus protective actions at

Wireless Tech Warnings on Earth Day

LETTER: Wireless tech warnings on Earth Day
by Cece Doucette, Opinion, metrowestdailynews.com, 30 April 2018

I would like to express heartfelt thanks to the many organizers, vendors and attendees who put on a wonderful Earth Day Festival in Framingham Saturday. I had the honor of hosting the Wireless Education booth with Chuck Matzker, and it was such a privilege to share technology safety information with so many.

The families with young children and pregnancies were especially grateful to learn the U.S. National Toxicology Program’s $25M study on cell phones has just determined today’s wireless technology can cause low birth rates, DNA damage and cancer and that the Ramazzini Institute in Italy found similar results.

Other studies show cell phones and wi-fi can cause infertility, sleep issues, headaches, skin heating/rashes/tingling, behavior issues, cognitive impairment, neurotoxicity, anxiety, depression and is linked to autism and Alzheimer’s as well. The science shows children and fetuses, the elderly, and those with existing health conditions are at even greater risk from this low-level microwave radiation that carries our data packets back and forth.

Diabetes and Wireless

Diabetes and Wireless

Diabetes is being understood as an immune based illness. Since WiFi effects the immune system, recent research showing a link between diabetes and wireless radiation makes sense.  From 1995 to 2010, there was at least a 100% increase in the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes cases in 18 states.

We parents have heard many stories of diabetic friends who decreased the wireless in their homes resulting in steadier blood sugar readings. Recent research shows wifi damages the liver. We strongly support more research on this issue.

​Read the research below.

The authors of this Study (picture at right) said, “Indeed, RF radiation induced glucose metabolism disorders. … The disorders in glucose metabolic could be explained by alteration in function, structure, and/or secretion of insulin after RF exposure. … Furthermore, RF radiation could affect the glucose uptake by peripheral tissues.”

08 May 2018

Eighteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (7 May 2018)

Eighteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 7 May 2018

Radio Frequency Radiation

Numerical evaluation of human exposure to WiMax patch antenna in tablet or laptop

Siervo B, Morelli MS, Landini L, Hartwig V. Numerical evaluation of human exposure to WiMax patch antenna in tablet or laptop. Bioelectromagnetics. 2018 Apr 30. doi: 10.1002/bem.22128.


The use of wireless communication devices, such as tablets or laptops, is increasing among children. Only a few studies assess specific energy absorption rate (SAR) due to exposure from wireless-enabled tablets and laptops, in particular with Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) technology. This paper reports the estimation of the interaction between an E-shaped patch antenna (3.5 GHz) and human models, by means of finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. Specifically, four different human models (young adult male, young adult female, pre-teenager female, male child) in different exposure conditions (antenna at different distances from the human model, in different positions, and orientations) were considered and whole-body, 10 and 1 g local SAR and magnetic field value (Bmax) were evaluated. From our results, in some worst-case scenarios involving male and female children's exposure, the maximum radiofrequency energy absorption (hot spots) is located in more sensitive organs such as eye, genitals, and breast.

A Scientist Explains What It's Really Like To Live With EMF Sensitivity

A Scientist Explains What It's Really Like To Live With EMF Sensitivity
By Rachel Straubmindbodygreen.com, 21 January 2017

Just a bit of warning, before you read

What you are about to read may seem hard to comprehend. If you choose to continue, please do so with an open mind. For those of you who don't know me, I am a scientist by training and have published several peer-reviewed studies in highly reputable journals (and am also the author of a multi-award-winning book). So I, too, have had a difficult time wrapping my head around this. I am sharing my story only in an effort to hopefully help someone else find a possible answer to his or her long-term struggle with chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, or other mystery illness.

In January 2013, I was forced to leave my job, quit graduate school, and move home with my parents. I began to develop unexplainable fatigue that forced me to bed―many days, simply showering was too exhausting. In simplistic terms, you could say I had chronic fatigue and Lyme disease (though technically, it's much more complicated than that). I saw endless doctors and underwent both conventional and experimental therapies over the course of three-plus years in an effort to recover. However, come March 2016, I was still struggling, and I knew something was still missing.

07 May 2018

EMF Warning: Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck Reveals the Danger of Wireless Devices on the Senate Floor

EMF WARNING: Michigan state senator reveals the danger of wireless devices on the Senate floor
Posted by: Jonathan Landsmannaturalhealth365.com, 4 May 2018

(Naturalhealth365) With the overwhelming popularity of cell phones, laptops, smart meters and WiFi routers, it truly seems as if we are adrift in a “sea of microwaves” – to quote a phrase coined by renowned geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. The rollout of 5G technology, and the advent of the ‘Internet of Things’ – a wireless network capable of linking home appliances, cell phones and even vehicles – means that the situation will only get more intense – as time goes on.

But, at least one state senator is trying to “pump the brakes” – at least until the matter can be sufficiently studied. Last month, Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) took to the Senate floor to testify about the risks of wireless technology – and to implore his colleagues to vote against a pair of bills that would facilitate it.

Senator issues wireless WARNING: An increasing body of evidence suggests “significant health risks”

Far from being a technophobe, Senator Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, describes himself as an “early adopter” of technological innovations. Yet, he feels the health risks of current wireless technology have become too blatant to ignore.

Large-Scale Study Proves that Cell Tower Radiation Causes Cancer

Large-scale study proves that cell tower radiation causes cancer… where is the apology from the media for years of LYING about it?
by Isabelle Z.naturalnews.com, 6 May 2018

(Natural News) The concept of cell tower radiation causing cancer used to be tinfoil hat territory – or at least that’s what those with vested interests in the technology wanted people to think. Now, however, the body of scientific evidence indicating that cell tower radiation can cause cancer is growing too big to ignore.

The world’s biggest animal study of cell tower radiation, which was carried out by the Ramazzini Institute in Italy, has revealed the dangers of exposure to environmental levels of cell tower radiation. In the study, researchers exposed 2,448 rats to 1.8 GHz GSM radiofrequency radiation in amounts that mimicked those that cell tower antennas give off for 19 hours a day. They found that the female rats had a higher chance of developing malignant brain tumors, while all rats had a higher chance of precancerous conditions and Schwann cell hyperplasia.

This study went the extra mile, allowing the rats to live until their natural death. Four fifths of human cancers occur after people have turned 60, so following the animals over an extended period enabled them to catch late-developing tumors.

Canada: EMFs And RFRs Taken To Court

EMFs And RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is
By Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post / thelibertybeacon.com, 6 May 2018

EMFs And RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is

A Class Action was filed in Superior Court, Province of Quebec, District of Montreal, Canada, Case No. 500-06-000760-153 against 50 Respondents including the Attorneys General of Quebec and Canada, the City of Sainte-Anne-Des-Lacs, Hydro-Quebec, and approximately 40 corporations involved in the manufacture, production, servicing and transmission of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Radiofrequencies (RFRs), for their contributory roles in the transmissions, products and services that emit

in excess of one milliGauss of magnetic field, 0.6 V/m of electric field, or 0.1 microWatt per square centimeter of microwave power density for general populations in uncontrolled environments; or 0.3 milliGauss of magnetic field, 0.2 V/m of electric field, or 0.01 microWatt per square centimeter of microwave power density for sleeping environments or for sensitive individuals (children, pregnant women or persons who are electromagnetic hypersensitive) from any one or any combination of anthropogenic the listed electromagnetic field (EMF) sources… [Pg. 6]

Is Radiation the Asbestos of the 21st Century?

Is radiation the asbestos of the 21st century?

Is Radiation the asbestos of the 21st century? is a documentary that investigates the effects of cellular and wifi radiation on the body. The main character is the Electro Hypersensitive (EHS) Dennis Rietbergen. EHS patients are hypersensitive to electricity and radiation. We follow Dennis in his search for answers to questions like: How bad is radiation? How do people deal with their health issues? What does the government do to reduce the dangers of radiation? Is EHS a recognized disease? Dennis talks with scientists, doctors and EHS patients to get a clear picture of the effects of radiation on humans. Dennis also tries to get interviews with major telecom providers and the Dutch government. In doing so, he strikes a lot of resistance. Do these parties have something to hide? And does he manage to answer all his questions?

Director Biography - Hjalmar Ilmer

Studies Show How Mobile Phones Cause Brain Cancer, Ill-Health

Studies show how mobile phones cause brain cancer, ill-health
By Winifred Austindailypost.ng/, 7 May 2018

A new study has revealed that cases of a malignant type of tumour in mobile phone users have doubled in the last two decades, suggesting that handsets cause cancer, even as a recent Nigerian study that examined the potential adverse health effects of mobile phones and wireless base stations in the country revealed inherent dangers.

The study published in the Journal of Public Health and Environment linked sharp rise in the rates of brain cancer (gliomas) to mobile phone use. Mobile phones work by transmitting and receiving radio frequency microwave radiation.

The researchers set out to investigate the rise in cases of an aggressive and often fatal type of brain tumour known as Glioblastoma Multiforme, GBM. They analysed 79,241 malignant brain tumours over 21 years, finding that cases of GBM in England have increased from around 1,250 a year in 1995 to just less than 3,000.

The study is the first recent effort of its kind to analyse in detail the incidence of different types of malignant tumours.

The scientists at the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment, PHIRE, say the increase of GBM has till now been masked by the overall fall in incidence of other types of brain tumour.

This means that no fewer than 140 million mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria are at risk of developing brain cancer.

How Smartphones and Social Media Can Steal Childhood

How Smartphones and Social Media Can Steal Childhood
by Giles Turner, Bloomberg, 4 May 2018

Childhood disrupted?  Photographer:  Mladen Antonov/AFP
Ever since Socrates complained about the written word ruining memories, people have been wringing their hands over the potential harms of technology. At least Socrates never had to worry about his Snapstreaks. Now researchers say social media could be making more teens depressed, and there’s plenty of parental panic about the attention-sapping effects of the smartphone age.

1. Is technology disrupting childhood?

Absolutely. Consider that today’s smartphone-wielding teens and pre-teens are glued to their phones, posting on social media and revealing data about themselves even as they deal with the traditional adolescent stew of school, peer pressure and hormones. They’re figuring it out in front of an audience of hundreds if not thousands of "friends" commenting in real time on what they do, and -- via Snapchat and Instagram -- how they look. Snapstreak, a Snapchat feature that congratulates users for consistently messaging their friends, has been criticized by England’s children’s commissioner for being addictive. A survey by the U.K.’s Safer Internet Centre of 1,500 8-to-17 year olds revealed that one in eight had shared a selfie in the last hour. Even some Silicon Valley executives want their offspring low-tech.

2. What does the research show?

Judge Rules Non-Profits Can Sue Monsanto for Misleading Safety Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, ruled that Beyond Pesticides and the Organic Consumers Association presented enough evidence to support that Monsanto’s labeling of its flagship weedkiller, Roundup, misleads consumers.

Judge Rules Non-Profits Can Sue Monsanto for Misleading Safety Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup
beyondpesticides.org, 7 May 2018

(Beyond Pesticides, May 7, 2018) Beyond Pesticides and The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) today responded to a federal judge’s ruling against Monsanto Co.’s motion to dismiss the groups’ lawsuit, filed in April, 2017. The lawsuit challenged Monsanto’s safety claim on its Roundup (glyphosate) products as misleading and fraudulent. Monsanto displays a claim on its Roundup product label that states that the chemicals in the product “targets an enzyme bound in plants but not in people or pets,” when, in fact, the chemical adversely affects beneficial bacteria essential to the gut biome and normal body functions.

Jay Feldman, executive director of Beyond Pesticides, the lead plaintiff in the case, said:

“In the face of EPA’s poor regulation of pesticides, misleading pesticide product labeling cannot be left unchecked. The court’s decision to allow our case to move forward, in denying Monsanto’s motion to dismiss, is critical to showing that the company is deceiving the public with a safety claim on its Roundup (glyphosate) label. Its advertising and labeling claim that Roundup ‘targets an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets’ is false, given the devastating harm that glyphosate has on beneficial bacteria in the gut biome. The disruption of the gut biome is associated with a host of 21st century diseases, including asthma, autism, bacterial vaginosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome, multiple sclerosis, obesity, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s.

Wireless Radiation Can Cause Cancer-Expert Panel Reviewing $25 Million NTP, NIEHS Study Concludes

Wireless Radiation Can Cause Cancer-Expert Panel Reviewing $25 Million NTP, NIEHS Study Concludes
California Brain Tumor Association, 30 March 2018

WASHINGTON, March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- California Brain Tumor Association announces the National Toxicology Program Review Panel has concluded that there is CLEAR EVIDENCE of a rare heart cancer being caused by cell phone radiation in a $25 million National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences animal study completed over 18 years (NTP website: https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/about/org/sep/trpanel/meetings/index.html)

With the NTP study results supporting the findings of human studies, we have enough scientific evidence to increase the classification of all wireless radiation from a Class 2B(possible carcinogen) to a Class 1 Human Carcinogen (carcinogenic to humans) like cigarette smoke and asbestos; therefore, we should be warning the public of harm and minimizing our exposure not maximizing exposure as we are doing with the forced roll out of 5G and the Internet of Things.

The ‘Race to 5G’ Is Just Mindless Marketing Bullshit

The ‘Race to 5G’ Is Just Mindless Marketing Bullshit

by Karl Bodemotherboard.vice.com, 4 May 4 2018

Image:  Shutterstock
Buried beneath the hype around 5G rests a growing sense that wireless carriers are aggressively over-selling the technology’s potential.

For several years now, wireless carriers have been busy telling anybody who’d listen that fifth-generation (5G) wireless will be a game-changing broadband revolution. Time and time again, their marketing departments have breathlessly insisted that everything from smart cities to next-gen medical care will only be possible through the miracle of 5G connections.

Hyperactive through Wi-Fi ?

Hyperactive through WLAN?
By Eckhard Stengel, fr.de, 5 May 2018

Environmental physicians publish a study summary on radiation effects, which is worrying. The [German] Federal Office for Radiation Protection, however, doubts the validity of the results.

Always connected to the world: Starbucks visitors.  The branches of the
coffee house chain are a safe haven for anyone looking for a WLAN.
Photo: rtr
WLAN here, Wi-Fi there, Wi-Fi everywhere: Many smartphone and laptop users would like to constantly go via local wireless networks to the Internet - not only at home, but also on the move in buses and trains or shopping. The degree of danger of the soon ubiquitous WLAN radiation is disputed. The Oldenburg-based journal "Environment - Medicine - Society", of the Association of Ecological Physicians and other environmental medicine associations, has now published an evaluation of more than a hundred studies on this topic. According to the study, wireless local area networks (WLANs) can already have harmful effects on health and behavior even below the applicable limit values.

06 May 2018

Brain Tumors: 'Cordless Phones Could be Higher Risk Than Mobile Phones' - Prof. Denis Henshaw

Brain Tumors: 'Cordless Phones Could be Higher Risk Than Mobile Phones' - Prof
sputniknews.com, 4 May 2018

The rate of brain tumor development, known as Glioblastoma Multiforme, has doubled in England over the last two decades. Scientists at the Physicians' Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment have said that mobile and cordless phone use may be promoting tumors in the frontal temporal lobe.

Sputnik discussed the possible effects phones have on our brains with Professor Denis Henshaw, scientific director of Children with Cancer UK.

Sputnik: So what's your take on the real role that the use of mobile phones and cordless phones could play in creating circumstances in which Glioblastoma Multiforme occurs?

Denis Henshaw: We do you know from other studies that there is an association between prolonged mobile phone use, by that I mean ten years or more, and increased risk of these very aggressive brain tumors, invariably fatal brain tumors called glioblastoma, we know there is an association with the two, what we don't know is the size of the effect, so that's really the answer to your question; we don't know the size of the effect but we know that some effect is there.

05 May 2018

5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health? - Recent Studies

5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?saferemr.com, 4 May 2018
(See the bottom of this page for additional resources.)

5G wireless telecommunications expansion:  Public health and environmental implications

Russell CL. 5G wireless telecommunications expansion: Public health and environmental implications. Environmental Research. Available online 11 April 2018. In press. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envres.2018.01.016.


The popularity, widespread use and increasing dependency on wireless technologies has spawned a telecommunications industrial revolution with increasing public exposure to broader and higher frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data through a variety of devices and infrastructure. On the horizon, a new generation of even shorter high frequency 5G wavelengths is being proposed to power the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT promises us convenient and easy lifestyles with a massive 5G interconnected telecommunications network, however, the expansion of broadband with shorter wavelength radiofrequency radiation highlights the concern that health and safety issues remain unknown. Controversy continues with regards to harm from current 2G, 3G and 4G wireless technologies. 5G technologies are far less studied for human or environmental effects.

It is argued that the addition of this added high frequency 5G radiation to an already complex mix of lower frequencies, will contribute to a negative public health outcome both from both physical and mental health perspectives.

Governments to Deploy 5G Technology, Ignoring the Impact on Human and Environmental Health

The Tribune de Genève published our opinion on 5G on 7 May 2018.

In an Order adopted on 4 May 2018, the Federal Communications Commission  (FCC) rules to streamline the wireless infrastructure siting review process to facilitate the deployment of next-generation wireless facilities. As part of its efforts, the agency consulted with a wide range of communities to determine the appropriate steps needed to enable the rapid and efficient deployment of next-generation wireless networks—or 5G—throughout the United States.  The FCC exempts small, unobtrusive cell towers used for 5G wireless networks from permitting under the National Environmental Policy Act for small wireless infrastructure projects and the National Historic Preservation Act.  (Ref: Greenwire, 3 May 2018 - article not available to non-subscribers.)

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the government is attempting to "trick" the population into accepting 5G by using different measurement techniques for mobile phone antennas, making it seem as if the limit values fixed by the Ordinance on Protection Non-Ionizing Radiation (ORNI) will not be exceeded.  The Tribune de Genève published our opinion on 5G on 7 May 2018.

The population has a right to know, so we would ask that this be shared as widely as possible.


"The recent vote of the Council of States refusing the increase in limit values for mobile telephony antennas in order to allow the deployment of 5G technology will not "put Switzerland back to a third world digital technology."  Why have three groups of doctors, including the Federation of Swiss Doctors (FMH) opposed this increase?  One of the recent studies on 5G shows that millimeter waves characterizing 5G would increase the temperature of the skin, alter the expression of genes, favor inflammation and cause eye damage.  Other studies mention the negative impact of electromagnetic waves on insects and bees, one of the factors which could explain their disappearance.